First edition of the Gastronomic Circuit in the Francisco Bolonha Meat Market.

The Creative City of Gastronomy, awarded in 2015 by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) in 2015, received the first edition of the Gastronomic Circuit – Creative Market in the Francisco Bolonha Meat Market. The event, promoted by the Municipality of Belém through the Development and Administration Company of the Metropolitan Area of ​​Belém (Codem), wants to rescue the population in the habit of attending the city’s municipal markets, besides enhancing the cuisine, strengthening tourism to move the local economy.

For Mayor Zenaldo Coutinho, the Francisco Bolonha Meat Market, the first municipal market, inaugurated in 1867, must generate business. “It is important for the people of Bethlehem and the state to appropriate and enhance our sights, especially the Ver-o-Peso. We are in a beautiful building that needs intense social and commercial participation. Business must happen here in a dynamic and creative way. This is the purpose of perfecting the public spaces, guaranteeing this exotic and very tasteful cuisine of Belém “, said the mayor, in the Meat Market.

Professionals – After a week of gastronomic course at the University of Amazonia (Unama), partner of the event, the market leaders learned not only to create a retelling of their recipes, but also to better serve the people, taking full advantage of the gastronomic potential and of the market.

“In the course I learned a tucupi cream. I remembered the pirarucu that is my main dish and soon added to my recipe. It is a very regional food together. The event is being very good to move our economy, because there are people who enter the market and do not even know that we sell food, “said Laudiceia Araújo Gaia, who has been working in the market for three years. During the event, Mayor Zenaldo Coutinho delivered the course certificates for the cooks.

Renowned chefs participated in the Circuit, presenting new combinations of Italian and Parense cuisine. “I made two adaptations of our indigenous and quilombola cuisine with the Italian, resulting in the açaí ravioli with shrimp and the Parairam tiramissu dessert. This is a very cool opportunity to show what I love doing in the gastronomy with our regional ingredients, “said chef Roberto Neves, from the BBQ Premium restaurant.

Public – The initiative was successful. A diverse audience attended, queued to taste the typical foods and had the opportunity to know a little more of the crafts. Craftsman Olindina Maria Castro, 63, approved. “I’ve been doing crafts for 40 years. Participating in the event is very cool, because we know a lot of people. I already sold it for tourist in dollar. I have not retired yet. I live from my craft, “said Olindina, one of more than 100 members of the” Ver-a-Arte “project, designed by 80-year-old Maria Ivone Resque.

Public employee Kelem Cabral went with the family to check out the Circuit in the Meat Market. She said that she attends the market at least once a month and that when she learned of the event she took her 1-year-old daughter, Ana Flor, so she could have an early contact with the culture. “It’s an important time for her to know new things. She already eats a little of everything. And today I’m going to see the foods she can already taste. I also liked this African turban made in Pará, “he said.

And as the market is for everyone, entrepreneur Melim Pereira Wemel, who is visually impaired and is always following the events around the city, took the opportunity to take a different walk with his family on Saturday: “I got word from Facebook. And I saw that the Rubão would be here. I invited my family. And today I do not have time to leave. “

The student Manuela Santos, from the group of the third semester of Tourism of the Federal University of Pará (UFPA) went to make a technical visit to the market and was surprised by the event. “I’m from Pará, but I’ve never been here before. I found it very organized, with lots of variety of food and crafts. We are faced with this, of living in Bethlehem and not knowing our spaces, “he commented.

Tourists – Leonardo Augusto Guerreiro, Leonardo Guerreiro and Fabio Maia, who are in Belém for the first time due to a business trip, took advantage of the day off to get to know the city. “The city is very beautiful and the event adds a lot of people. I do not know the food here yet, but I want to taste the acai. Despite the heat, we want to return to know more about the city, “said Leonardo Guerreiro.

The president of the Municipal Association of Ourém, Portugal, João Moura, who came to visit the Paraense city of Ourém, went through the event and was delighted with the initiative. “I arrived now and I only had the opportunity to see, but as the eyes also eat, I am very interested in proving the gastronomy of Belém. What we have seen is spectacular,” said João, who was invited by the mayor of Ourém, Pará, Valdomiro Coelho Junior, Junhão, to attend the event in the capital.

The event was until 6pm. The Gastronomic Circuit intends, by the end of the year, to visit other municipal markets, such as the Santa Luzia Market, as well as the Mosqueiro and Outeiro markets.

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