Belém is among the three finalists to host the annual meeting of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) Network of Creative Cities in 2020.

We would like to inform that Belém is one of the 3 pre-select cities to host the annual meeting in 2020, the city is located in the Brazilian Amazon, a region that concentrates the largest tropical forest and the largest hydrographic basin in the world, whose main reference is the Amazon River.
Belém resumes the diverse realities of this immense region. The city is a metropolis of one point five million inhabitants. It has thirty-nine islands and a continental part, with beautiful river beaches and native forest. Among them, there is Utinga Park, where the Municipality of Belém is building the Global Gastronomy Center. This center will host postgraduate level programs, scientific research projects and will also aim to promote interaction with all UNESCO Creative Cities, in order to share knowledge and create international dialogues about Amazon Region.
That is why is very important for Belém to host a world event like UNESCO Creative Cities Annual Meeting and we must highlight the unique importance of that event for the Amazon region, its mysteries, myths, legends and, above all, its exuberant fauna, flora and people.

UNESCO Creative Cities Annual Meeting can be a unique opportunity for everyone here to know that fascinating region closely, to understand its strengths and fragilities
We believe that Culture and Gastronomy can be fundamental instruments for sustainable development. Everything we use from the amazon to our gastronomy do not devastate the forest and do not require the cut of any trees.
Furthermore, it is important to mention that Belém has airport, port and road infrastructure that guarantee access to those different transportation modes. It is also important to highlight that our international airport has regular non-stop flights with major hubs in Europe, North America, Central America and South America, like Miami and Lisbon, connecting the city to the world more quickly. That is very important for international events like this one.
Our convention center has sixty thousand square meters distributed in different environments. That means that this facility itself can host all activities during a UNESCO Creative Cities Annual Meeting.
These are some of the unique features about Belém that we would like to present.

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