The culinary culture of a people is, above all, an important historical and ethnic representation of a people, a city, and Belém has one of the most authentic cuisines in Brazil, having preserved its indigenous / Amazonian origin and, at the same time, allowed the marriage of these millennial recipes with more recent cooking techniques.

The candidacy of the capital of Pará for the Creative City of Gastronomy was presented by the Municipality of Belém, based on a research paper prepared by Ata Institute, in São Paulo (SP), which is chaired by renowned Brazilian chef Alex Atala. by the Paulo Martins Institute, which researches, promotes and disseminates the gastronomy of Pará and Amazon, with emphasis on the cuisine of Belém.

This achievement is the result of an intense work of the Municipality of Belém, in partnership with the State Government, and other entities representative of the gastronomic sector, when the candidacy of the capital of Pará also gained membership of the Brazilian Association of Bars and Restaurants (Abrasel), Confederation National Tourism Office and the Itamaraty Palace, in Brasilia.

Rede – Cidade da Gastronomia is a UNESCO-awarded title within the Network of Creative Cities, which has 116 cities worldwide. The area of ​​gastronomy is 16, and in addition to Belém, in Brazil, the other city declared this way is Florianópolis, capital of Santa Catarina. Recognized cities are committed to promoting local creativity and sharing in UNESCO’s mission in relation to the cultural diversity of the region.

As a way to capitalize on the title received, UNESCO recommends the holding of events that induce exchange between the Creative Cities of Gastronomy, in Brazil and abroad. These meetings stand out for the importance of the gastronomic sector as a whole, which ranges from the small producers of organic inputs, the food processing and exporting industries, through all the logistics involved in this dynamic, to the culinary delicacies, at the tables bars, restaurants and hotels.

In addition to Belém and Florianópolis, Creative Cities of Gastronomy, the city of Salvador (Bahia), in the creative field of music, Santos (São Paulo), in the field of cinema, Curitiba (PR) and Brasília (DF) , in the field of design, Paraty (RJ), in the field of gastronomy and João Pessoa (PB), in the field of crafts and focal arts. The 47 cities of 33 countries that received titles in the areas of arts and crafts, design, film, food, literature, arts and music were announced by the organization in Paris in France in 2015.