Capital of Pará becomes global reference in gastronomy

Belém received the international title of Creative City of Gastronomy, granted by Unesco. The capital city of Pará becomes a world reference in gastronomy, and joins a network of cities that seek development in a sustainable and in a socially fair way.

Belém and the Amazonian cuisine

The capital of Pará has one of the richest and most original cuisines in Brazil, mixing Portuguese, Indian and African influences. Dishes such as duck in the tucupi, maniçoba and tacacá gave fame to local gastronomy, as well as juices, sweets and ice cream made with Amazonian fruits, such as açaí, cupuaçu and bacuri.

“Everyone wins with this Unesco recognition.”

The Mayor of Belém, Zenaldo Coutinho, said the title represents the international recognition of the cultural value of gastronomy. "The great charm of gastronomy is that it is not only for the elite, it is for the whole of society. Everyone wins with this recognition from Unesco."